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Stephen J. Costello, Ph.D. is a philosopher, business consultant, practising logotherapist/existential analyst, the founder and director of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland, and a bestselling author.

Over the course of his career, he has addressed two parliaments, given over eighty keynote addresses, and published over ten books. He is much sought after as a speaker in the areas of work and wellness, meaning and mental health.

I feel privileged to share this legacy in the hope that it will prove successful in providing you with a template for growth in work and life, leading to greater meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and flourishing.

Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland

Dr Stephen J. Costello is the Founder and Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland ( Indeed, he was the first person to introduce the work of Viktor Frankl into Ireland and now his Institute offers online training programmes in Logotherapy & Existential Analysis – both a Certificate and Diploma, which are internationally accredited.


Dr Costello is available for speaking events at your company, for lectures, or for leading and facilitating workshops and seminars on a wide variety of topics. He is an engaged, inspiring, and motivational speaker.


The resources here offer a wide variety of materials which are available to purchase ranging from corporate to clinical concerns and will be regularly added to. They consist of pdf downloads, booklets, manuals, and workbooks. The hope is that you will find something here to help you in your work and life.

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