Mental Health in the Workplace

Ikigai is a Japanese concept which means ‘a reason for being’ or raison d’être. It’s why we get up in the morning, which is about meaning, motivation, and mental health. The Ikigai diagram illustrates the differences between Passion, Profession, Mission, and Vocation, and highlights the intersections between them. We all need to find our own unique path to purpose.

Boredom, burnout, anxiety, addiction, anger, depression, and stress are all symptoms of the existential vacuum, of a feeling of inner emptiness and meaninglessness. They can result in absenteeism and seriously impact on an individual’s wellbeing and on the productivity of a company. Meaning is the key to mental health and flourishing.

Existential (i.e., holistic) health is the result of an inner harmony or integration – an ordering in the self. This happens when our tri-dimensional needs are met: somatic (bodily), psychological (emotional and intellectual) and noetic (spiritual – which doesn’t have to mean religious). The teachings and tenets of Dr Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy are crucial in order to discover personal meaning, as well as the Ignatian examen to help cultivate mindfulness, hope, gratitude and the balance of being.

Ikigai Diagram - Source: Toronto Star

Source: Toronto Star