Meaning at Work

Meaning at Work is the most significant factor in intrinsic motivation and goal orientation. A meaning-centred and purpose-oriented workforce contributes substantially to the wealth and wellness of an organisation. The ‘will-to-meaning’ is the single most sustainable factor for long-term business success. The sources of meaning at work are found at three levels, which need to be aligned: individual, organisational, and societal. So, meaningful work will be individually satisfying, organisationally productive, and socially beneficial.

Discover the seven profound and practical principles deriving from the pioneering work of Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy as applied to the world of work, together with Dr Costello’s unique Meaning Map.

The 7 Principles of Best Business Practice

  1. Attitudinal Adjustment: Adopting an affirmative attitude (an outlook of realistic optimism leading to a purposeful plan of action)
  2. Will-to-Meaning: Committing to meaningful goals and tasks (three main ways)
  3. Meaning of the Moment: Focusing on the importance of the present minute (not multitasking)
  4. Paradoxical Intention: Avoiding working against yourself by becoming fixated on an intended outcome or desired result – obsessing on the outcome (causing anticipatory anxiety)
  5. Self-Distancing: Looking at yourself from a distance in order to gain proper perspective (‘responding’ rather than ‘reacting’)
  6. De-Reflection: Shifting your area of attention in order to alleviate boredom, depression, anxiety, agitation, and stress (from worry to wellness)
  7. Self-Transcendence: Relating to some cause or call greater than yourself (seeing success as service)